Types Of Tracking

Mobile Data

Mobile Location

Computer Data

Vehicle Location

Please remember these are not the cheapest options BUT sometimes can obtain the required results alone depending on the case

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are also commonly used to collect geolocation data. The geographical location of a mobile phone (and thus the person carrying it) can be determined easily (whether it is being used or not), using a technique known multilateration to calculate the differences in time for a signal to travel from the cell phone to each of several cell towers near the owner of the phone. As an agency I believe we are one of the very few that can perform this operation.


This is the collection of calls and possibly Sms sent from a certain phone. Some companies will tell you collecting data from smart phones like line chat and facebook is possible BUT unless you have pre installed software on these phones then they are telling you lies. We can tell you for free where to buy the software yourself for a fraction of the price that most other investigation companies will try and sell you at highly inflated prices.

Computer Data

You will come across Investigation agencies and even advertisements on the internet claiming they can retrieve data remotely and even hack email accounts for you. again like the smart phones above what they fail to tell you is that this is only possibly with pre installed software this cannot be performed remotely, again we will tell you for free where you can buy this software rather than paying inflated prices through investigation agencies that just want you money not to solve your case.

Vehicle Location

During surveillance assignments we do offer depending on the case requirements different vehicle GPS options which can show the history for up to a month of a vehicles location, we have the cheaper options that last a couple of days or the |European imported options that cost more BUT have realtime data, history and an excellent battery life which is the main problem for most mobile devices and what makes what you see in the movies un-realistic.